For their stories to be told


Layla wants to tell their stories, those tales from tomorrow.

The faintest whisper somewhere in the universe.
A spark forgotten beyond clouds.

Layla wants to catch those.

She is this weird woman that seeks things behind the horizon.

Sounds familiar?
You might want to call her a witch.
Please, do so. It’s an honor.

Layla is your Mistress Witch.
She seeks the magic of all the moments in the universe.

This is a weird author’s biography?

Explore even more uncommon cascades of the mind, tormented tales and perspective on science-fiction. This Dystopia will turn sexy, Mistress witch promises.

The word with no meaning

This one is about the world 400 years from today, facing catastrophe, and about a girl surviving an impossible journey to find savety. But something is wrong with Utopia.

Coming soon

Very soon

Coming soon

Probably not as soon.

Of all the Things that never were.

Thoughts in short – still worth a story.

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